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November 3
· U.S. Speaker Ryan: "We are in a generational defining moment"
· Voces de la Frontera: Diverse coalition supports Milwaukee IDs at county budget hearing
· Voces De La Frontera: Milwaukee Common Council passes local IDs
· White House Press Office: Hold call on the benefits of the Trans-Pacific partnership
· WisDOT: Several Wisconsin freeway segments to be posted at 70 mph
November 4
· 1000 Friends of Wisconsin: JFC’s transportation borrowing puts taxpayers on the hook
· American Heart Association: CPR in schools bill launched
· Attorney General Schimel: Statement on JFC unanimous vote to provide resources for Milwaukee gun violence initiative
· DWD: Deputy Secretary Maxwell to highlight success of Wisconsin's registered apprenticeship program at Madison College
· Gov. Walker: Creates Commission on Government Reform, Efficiency, and Performance
· Gov.Walker: Speaks at Christian Life School’s Veterans Day program
· Mayor Soglin: Statement on announced closure of Madison's Oscar Mayer plant
· Milwaukee Ald. Donovan: Skyrocketing auto thefts a symptom of larger issues
· Milwaukee Co. Sheriff's Office: Sheriff takes note of his agency's slight at Chief Flynn's news conference
· One WI Now: Is Rebecca Bradley telling the truth about her ‘political inclinations’?
· Rep. Allen: Supports curtailing fraud, waste and abuse
· Rep. Barca: Assembly Democrats propose constitutional amendment to ensure accountability, disclosure in campaign finance changes
· Rep. Barca: Statement on JFC transportation bonding
· Rep. Bernier: State assembly honors American legend
· Rep. Born: Votes for greater accountability in public assistance programs
· Rep. Heaton: Applauds passage of FoodShare Reform Bill
· Rep. Hintz: Assembly Republicans step up for debt collection industry
· Rep. Jorgensen: Don’t let China buy the Legislature!
· Rep. Jorgensen: Republicans waste millions in taxpayer resources to keep FoodShare, unemployment benefits from the poor
· Rep. Jorgensen: Statements regarding Joint Finance votes on transportation bonding and Family Care
· Rep. Katsma: Curbing waste, fraud and abuse in public benefits
· Rep. Kremer: Statement on assembly passage of AB 222
· Rep. Krug: Applauds state funding for airport improvements
· Rep. Loudenbeck: Statement on approval of transportation bonding
· Rep. Milroy, Rep. Kleefisch: Blaze pink passes assembly on bipartisan vote
· Rep. Nygren: Joint Committee on Finance votes to expand FamilyCare/IRIS to Rock County
· Rep. Nygren: Latest HOPE agenda bill approved by assembly
· Rep. Sargent: GOP demonizes the poor to score political points
· Rep. Sargent: Introduces ‘State Parks Youth Pass’ Bill
· Rep. Sargent: Statement regarding Oscar Mayer Plant closing
· Rep. Shankland: Last day of session, where are the jobs?
· Rep. Spiros: Assembly passes Spiros bills
· Rep. Spreitzer: Assembly Democrats focus on creating jobs and addressing student debt
· Rep. Spreitzer: Statements on transportation funding and Rock County family care
· Rep. Steineke: Supports public benefit reform bills
· Rep. Subeck: Circulates bill banning semiautomatic weapons
· Rep. Subeck: Response to Oscar Mayer plant closure
· SAEN: Covance laboratories negligence spree injures
· Sen. Darling, Rep. Nygren: JFC assists Milwaukee in prosecuting gun crimes
· Sen. Erpenbach: Statement on the closing of Oscar Mayer in Madison
· Sen. Miller: Statement on the closure of Oscar Mayer Plant in Madison
· Sen. Miller: Statement on the closure of Oscar Mayer Plant in Madison
· Sen. Ringhand: Statement on the Joint Committee on Finance action today
· Sen. Risser, Rep. Taylor: Statement on Oscar Mayer plant closing
· Sen. Roth: Assembly passes legislation to increase hunting opportunities for veterans and disabled
· Sen. Shilling: Senate Republicans unwilling to lead
· State Bar of Wisconsin: Bringing financial literacy to Wisconsin adults, students
· Sup. Omokunde: Lost patience with Sheriff David Clarke
· U.S. Department of Commerce: Trans-Pacific partnership can boost Wisconsin exports and jobs
· U.S. Rep. Pocan: Calls Oscar Mayer factory closing a devastating blow to workers and their families
· USAWIE: Elgin, Illinois man indicted for defrauding four in Marinette, Wisconsin
· USAWIE: Three Appleton men indicted for firearms violations
· UW-Stout: Four former students to be honored in Veterans Day ceremony
· Windsor: Residents voted overwhelmingly for chance in governace
· Wis. Occupational Therapy Association: 200 occupational therapists and students celebrate OT Day at the Capitol

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