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January 4
· Rep. Hutton: Sworn In For his third term
· Rep. Jarchow: Dan Tolan appointed to Circuit Court
· Rep. Kremer: Sworn into office for a second term
· Rep. Subeck: Statement on legislative calendar conflict with Jewish holiday
· Rep. Subeck: Sworn in for second term, announces 2017-2018 committee assignments
· Rep. VanderMeer: Begins second term
· Smith campaign: Founding Charter member of the Dane County NAACP Nino Amato endorses Wanda Smith for Fitchburg alder
· The White House: Presidential nominations sent to Senate
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Obamacare and the first 200 days: Interview with Hugh Hewitt
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Relief from Obamacare: Pence joins Ryan, GOP leaders for press conference
· U.S. Sen. Baldwin: Baldwin, Whitehouse, Warren and Feinstein introduce bill to limit tax windfalls for billionaires in the Trump administration
· U.S. Sen. Baldwin: Statement on congressional Republicans’ plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Meets with President-elect Trump's nominee for director of OMB, Rep. Mick Mulvaney
January 5
· Emerge Wisconsin: Announces next class of aspiring women political leaders
· Evers campaign: State Superintendent Evers wants more mental resources directed to our students
· Gov. Walker: Calls Legislature into special session and orders new actions in the fight against opioid abuse
· Gov. Walker: Weekly Radio Address: New year, same commitment to ending the opioid epidemic in Wisconsin
· One Wisconsin Now: Statement on GOP addiction to big pharma money
· Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin: Praises Gov. Walker and Governor’s Task Force on opioid abuse recommendations
· Rep. Allen: Introduces bills creating criminal penalties for lying on state licenses; fixing cell tower site issues
· Rep. Barca: Statement on special session
· Rep. Berceau: Republicans continue to attack campus free speech
· Rep. Considine: Democratic Weekly Radio Address: "New Session, New Members, New Ideas"
· Rep. Murphy: Inaugurated to third term
· Rep. Nygren: Statement on Opioid Task Force recommendations and executive orders
· Rep. Steffen: Introduces Blue Lives Matter legislation
· Sen. Darling: Calls for federal waiver to help workers leave welfare programs
· Sen. Hansen: Seeking sponsors for redistricting reform bill
· Sen. LeMahieu and Rep. Neylon: Reintroduce “REINS Act”
· U.S. Rep. Grothman: Votes in favor of oversight for midnight rules
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Discusses Obamacare repeal and replacement
· U.S. Sen. Baldwin: Baldwin, U.S. Sen. Warren issue statement on Exxon-Mobil payout deal for Pres.-elect Trump’s secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson
· U.S. Sen. Baldwin: Joins legislation calling on President-elect Trump, future presidential nominees to release tax returns
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Looks to roll back last minute Obama regulations
· Wisconsin AFL-CIO: Wisconsin workers stand with Kentucky union families
· Wisconsin Hospital Association: Releases statement regarding recommendations from the Governor’s Task Force on Opioid Abuse
· Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty: Every Student Succeeds Act creates opportunities for Wisconsin, but obstacles with Evers, DPI exist
· Wisconsin Medical Society: Praises Gov. Walker's call for special session to fight opioid abuse
January 6
· Citizen Action of Wisconsin: Gov. Walker’s opioid prevention plan does not match magnitude of the crisis
· Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection: Consumer Alert: Wisconsin consumers report auto “warranty” robocalls
· Dept. of Safety and Professional Services: Announces launch of enhanced prescription drug monitoring program
· DNR: Early trout season offers an angling alternative to ice fishing
· DNR: Outdoor report: Frigid temperatures finally making ice on lakes but putting the chill on the first candlelight skis of the season
· Gov. Walker: Announces $6 million expansion and renovation of State Fair Park’s Cream Puff Pavilion
· Gov. Walker: Declares today Green and Gold Day
· Gov. Walker: Honors 15 with 2016 Financial Literacy Award
· Gov. Walker: Names acting secretaries for Wisconsin Dept. of Safety and Professional Services, Wisconsin Dept. of Veterans Affairs
· Gov. Walker: Seeks applicants for sheriff of Langlade Co.
· Madison/Dane Co. King Coalition: Berry, former chairperson of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, to keynote the 2017 City of Madison & Dane Co. King holiday observance
· National Marine Sanctuary Foundation: Applauds plans to designate Wisconsin-Lake Michigan national sanctuary
· National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Releases draft plans for proposed national marine sanctuaries in Wisconsin and Maryland
· One Wisconsin Now: U.S. Sen. Johnson set to fast track setting clock back on Civil Rights, voting rights with nomination of Sessions as U.S. Attorney General
· Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin: U.S. Rep. Ryan proposes to end funding for Planned Parenthood health services, leaving millions without health care
· Rep. Brooks: To accompany U.S. Rep. Sensenbrenner at district listening sessions
· Rep. Hintz: Fighting opioid addiction means expanding Medicaid and reinstating earned release program
· Rep. Kitchens: Co-authors ‘Wisconsin’s Blue Lives Matter’ bill
· Rep. Zamarripa: Statement on conservative Milwaukee Alders’ invitation to President-elect Trump
· Smith campaign: Dane Co. Judge Everett Mitchell endorses Wanda Smith for Fitchburg alder
· U.S. Rep Ryan: UN anti-Israel resolution a ‘misguided hit job’
· U.S. Rep. Duffy: Named chairman of financial services subcommittee

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