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October 24
· WI Conservative Digest: Don't like Trump, do not vote for him. Vote for his policies.
· WI State Senate Democratic Committee: Zero. Point. Zero.
· WI United to Amend: Nineteen communities to vote to reclaim democracy from special interests
· Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee: At the top of their class
· WisDems: He said what?! Highlights from Sen. Johnson’s interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
· WisDems: Sen. Johnson pushes Trump’s rigged election conspiracy theories
· WisGOP: Governor Scott Walker and Ron Johnson campaigned across Wisconsin on Sunday
· WisGOP: Walker and Johnson push early voting during campaign swing on Sunday
· WISPIRG: REPORT: 61% of money in WI senate race comes from out-of-state
October 25
· Axiom Strategies, Remington Research Group: Continues Battleground County project
· Citizen Action of Wisconsin: ObamaCare rate increases moderate when considering deductibles
· Gov. Walker: Announces new members of the Task Force for Opium Abuse
· Grothman campaign: Seven DA's endorse Glenn Grothman
· Johnson campaign: Launches second digital ad on Sen. Feingold's legalized slush fund
· Johnson campaign: Launches statewide doctors for RonJon Coalition of Healthcare Professionals
· Johnson campaign: Sen. Feingold attacks faith-based anti-poverty initiative in Milwaukee, Madison
· Milwaukee Co. Exec. Abele: What people are saying about the Estabrook Dam: "worthless," "a waste of money," "I want the dam gone"
· Milwaukee Co. Sup. Johnson: Abele's Estabrook scheme offensive
· One Wisconsin Now: Luther Olson on education: Trying to have his cake and eat it, too
· One Wisconsin Now: The Nation report reveals Green Bay City Clerk opposed an early voting site at UW-Green Bay because ‘Students Lean More Toward the Democrats’
· Reform America Fund: Launches new ad targeting Russ Feingold for supporting Iran nuclear deal
· Rep. Ed Brooks: Gives Wisconsin women 'A lot of reasons' to question his agenda
· Rep. Mursau: Receives Friend of Towns Award
· Rep. Shrader: Rep. Brooks: "A lot of reasons why a man is getting paid more than a woman"
· Sen. Hansen: Denying early voting site at UWGB for partisan reasons is an affront to our democracy
· Trump campaign: Statement on Chelsea Clinton's visit to Wisconsin
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Statement on rising Obamacare premiums
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Statement on veteran bonuses
· U.S. Sen. Baldwin: Announces $1.6 million in federal funding to repair flood-damaged roads and bridges in Western Wisconsin
· U.S. Sen. Baldwin: At UMOS luncheon, U.S. Sen. Baldwin calls for stronger way forward to reduce poverty
· U.S. Sen. Baldwin: Receives Navy's Navy Distinguished Public Service Medal from Secretary Ray Mabus
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Kicks off the Wisconsin Outsourcing Tour
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Launches new radio ad on saving Packer fans from Vikings broadcasts
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Tells Pentagon to cease collection of National Guard bonus repayments
· Wisconsin Assembly Democrats: The ad assembly Republicans don't want you to see
· Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters: PAC launches radio campaign
· WisDems: In press call legal and good government experts urge U.S. Sen. Johnson to come clean on his likely illegal $10 million corporate payout
· WisGOP: Do Sen. Feingold and Tom Nelson still support Obamacare?
· WisGOP: Launches digital ads and billboard highlighting Tom Nelson's dangerous record
· WisGOP: Statement on Chelsea Clinton's visit to Wisconsin
October 26
· American Legion Post 139: Study concludes military veterans suffer most from Wisconsin legislation
· Americans United for Change: New video: Senator Johnson can’t run from his anti-social security record
· Binger Campaign: Russ Feingold endorses Thomas Binger for Racine County District Attorney
· Bowen Campaign: Rep. Bowen calls on Dept. of Transportation to distribute election info to all voters
· Dept. of Administration: State agencies, UW campuses recognized for diversity achievements
· Duffy Campaign: New TV ad titled "Growth"
· Feingold Campaign: Launches new digital ad – “Angry Insults”
· Feingold Campaign: Launches new statewide TV ad -- “Agenda”
· First Bank Financial Centre: Bell Tower Memorial, Inc. and St. John's Northwestern Military Academy host Veterans Lunch
· Gov. Walker: Presents awards for outstanding achievement in domestic abuse issues
· Humane Society Legislative Fund: Launches Wisconsin ad campaign supporting Russ Feingold
· Johnson Campaign: Announces the endorsement of the Tavern League of Wisconsin
· Johnson Campaign: Ron Johnson launches radio ad on construction of new Stillwater Bridge
· Johnson Campaign: What They Are Saying: 'Shameful' Senator Feingold attacks Joseph Project
· Milwaukee Co. Sheriff's Office: Sheriff Clarke receives another award
· One WI Institute: Calls on Green Bay to expand early voting hours, take action to prevent lines on election day
· One WI Institute: Dan Feyen thinks schools don't deserve more funding
· Our Democracy 2020: Green Bay should expand early vote locations
· Pelikan campaign: America's youngest candidate adds another major endorsement
· Rep. Kleefisch: Receives prestigious awards

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