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August 5
· WisDems: Pick a line. any line. Donald Trump has crossed it.
· WisDems: Ron Johnson’s Beltway Blunder: The “scientifically proven” edition
· WisDems: Ron Johnson’s Donald duck: The “double duck” edition
· WisDems: Senator Johnson puts donors before students with disabilities
· WisGOP: Statement on Tim Kaine coming to Milwaukee
August 6
· Zammit campaign: Zammit & Larson denounce dirty tricks
August 7
· Nehlen campaign: Lars Larson endorses Nehlen
· Nehlen campaign: Major General Paul E. Vallely endorses Paul Nehlen against Speaker Ryan
· Nehlen campaign: Nehlen ties Speaker Ryan to Democrat VP candidate Tim Kaine
· Odeen campaign: Purple Heart Day reminds us that Wisconsin’s veterans need our support
· Ryan campaign: Tommy Thompson endorses Paul Ryan
· Smith campaign: Brian Smith Statement on Purple Heart Day
· Van Stippen: On National Purple Heart Day, a reminder to support our veterans
August 8
· AG Schimel: Announces David P. Roth new Environmental Protection Unit Director
· Anderson campaign: Demands insulting attack ad taken down
· Buchholz campaign: The power of a primary challenge
· Crowley campaign: Announces slate of endorsements
· Dane Co. Exec Parisi: Announces partnership with village of Oregon to make roads safer
· EDF Action: New ad highlights Koch ties to Wisconsin senator
· Feyen campaign: Releases list of endorsements
· Gallagher campaign: Conservative leaders endorse Gallagher for Congress
· Gov. Walker: Participates in groundbreaking ceremony at Amerequip Corporation
· Gov. Walker: Seeks applicants for Racine County judicial vacancy
· Independent Business Association of Wisconsin
· Lin campaign: Edgar Lin endorsed by two leading Milwaukee newspapers
· Lin campaign: Edgar Lin receives last minute endorsement of Rep. LaTonya Johnson
· Nehlen campaign: Nehlen makes final appeal to voters--'One vote to save America'
· Office of the Commissioner of Insurance: Unveils revamped website
· One Wisconsin Now: Duey’s dirty dealings
· Rep. Young: Requests Alderman Nik Novak to withdraw his endorsement of Edgar Lin
· Rep. Young: Statement on the 6th State Senate race
· Sinicki campaign: Mayor Tom Barrett endorses Rep. Christine Sinicki for re-election
· St. Ann Center: Youth volunteers honored
· Taylor Campaign: Mistruths dominate Mandela Barnes' campaign
· Taylor Campaign: Remember to vote in Tuesday Primary!
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: The real Obama liberal legacy: Taxing college savings plans
· U.S. Sen. Baldwin: Renews call for investments from Washington to fight Wisconsin’s opioid and heroin epidemic
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Criticizes the FDA on e-cigarette rule
· U.S. Sensenbrenner: Commends Justice Department on music licensing efforts
· Whittow campaign: Responds to campaign questions
· Wisconsin Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association: Reply to DHS/OIG press release on audits of family planning clinics
· WisDems: Trump's biggest supporters are lining up behind U.S. Sen. Johnson
· WisDems: U.S. Sen. Johnson's record of failure on the opioid crisis
· WisGOP: Hillary Clinton and Sen. Feingold represent the wrong direction
August 9
· Assembly Dems: Pat Snyder doubles down on attack on gold star family
· Barnes campaign: Statement on election results
· Common Cause in Wisconsin: Are you planning to vote in today's primary election?
· DCCC: The case against Mike Gallagher
· Elliot campaign: Statement on election results
· Feingold campaign: Statement on tonight's primary election results
· Feyen campaign: Feyen secures victory in the 18th
· Gallagher campaign: Mike Gallagher releases statement after winning tonight's Republican primary for Wisconsin's 8th CD
· Gov. Walker: Announces federal disaster declaration for July floods
· Gov. Walker: Participates in the Governor's Blue Ribbon Meat Products Auction
· Harris campaign: Statement on primary victory
· Johnson campaign: Launches New digital ad on protecting Second Amendment rights
· Johnson campaign: Statement on official start of general election
· Leaders for a Better Community: Congratulates Lena Taylor, Jason Fields and Leon Young
· Lloyd campaign: Sarah Lloyd wins Democratic nomination in 6th Congressional District
· Nelson campaign: Nelson Statement on the Republican primary results

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