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October 10
· Hawks Campaign: Hawks statement on Noem and Trump
· Nelson Campaign: 48 hours later Ė Gallagherís silence is deafening
· Nelson Campaign: New ad: Mike Gallagherís wrong: We don't have to support Donald Trump
· Nelson Campaign: Tom Nelson comments on Donald Trumpís lewd comments
· One Wisconsin Institute: State files court ordered report on failure to properly administer Voter ID law
· Penebaker Campaign: Sensenbrenner bears responsibility for Trump, and for Trumpís betrayal of Republican values
· Rep. Loudenbeck: Launches informational website on Great Lakes Basin Railroad Project
· Rep. Shankland: UW Regent defends Trumpís comments condoning sexual assault
· Sen. Shilling: Calls on GOP to denounce Trump and rescind support
· Shrader Campaign: Slams GOP dark money special interest group supporting Brooks
· Solen Campaign: Democrat Ryan Solen attends GOP Fall Fest
· Solen Campaign: Ryan Solen on Donald Trump's lewd comments about women and what Paul Ryan must do
· Trump Campaign: Wisconsin leaders react to Donald Trumpís debate victory
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Statement from Speaker Paul Ryan
· Voces de la Frontera Action: During Debate, Trump excuses unacceptable behavior ó Will Ryan and Ron Johnson keep supporting a predator?
· White Campaign: Will Kathy Bernier continue to support Donald Trump?
· Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group, Wisconsin Paper Council: High electric rates are a heavy tax on Wisconsinís manufacturers
· WisDems Chair Laning: "Donald Trumpís comments about women are truly horrific."
· WisDems Vice Chair Bowen: "I am beyond disgusted by Donald Trump's words and actions."
· WisDems: After Trump defends bragging about sexually assaulting women, will Sen. Johnson continue to defend Trump?
· WisDems: Congressman Dave Obey calls out Speaker Paul Ryan for timid response to Donald Trump
· WisDems: Hillary Clinton clearly wins 2nd presidential debate
· WisDems: Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Rep. Joe Heck, Sen. Mark Kirk and Sen. John Thune have pulled their support for Trump... Why hasn't Sen. Johnson?
· WisDems: Senator Johnson refuses to answer questions about his continued support for Trump
· WisDems: What Wisconsinites are watching: Senator Johnson stands by Donald Trump
· WisGOP: Do Senator Feingold and Tom Nelson still support ObamaCare?
· WisGOP: Hillary Clinton and Senator Feingoldís dishonest time in politics
· WisGOP: Statement on 2nd presidential debate
· WisGOP: Statement on Bill Clintonís campaign visit
· WRA: Welcomes new 2016-17 chairman of the board
October 11
· Citizen Action of Wisconsin: Sabotage by health care industry & conservative politicians true cause of rising health premiums
· Cowles campaign: Endorsed by Greater Green Bay Chamber
· CRG Foundation: Aids eighth Air Force Veterans Trip
· Dairy Business Association: Endorses U.S. Rep. Grothman for Congress
· Democratic Governors Association: Nine GOP govs renounce Trump, why won't Scott Walker?
· Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee: U.S. Sen. Johnson, Sen. Toomey, Rep. Young, Sen. Rubio and Sen. Burr stand with Trump after he brags of sexual harassment
· Dept. of Public Instruction: Steady growth in Advanced Placement programs
· Fair Elections Legal Network: Thousands of Wisconsin absentee ballots at risk of rejection
· Gov. Walker: Encourages Wisconsin schools to apply for Fab Lab grants
· Gov. Walker: Requests federal disaster aid for Western Wisconsin due to September flooding
· Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce: Greater Madison startups meeting with investors in Silicon Valley
· Johnson campaign: Launches radio ads highlighting Senator Feingold's lies and deceptions
· Milwaukee Co. Sup. Lipscomb: Abele's budget math off by $2.5 million
· Milwaukee Co. Sup. Sartori: Reluctant on wheel tax
· Nelson campaign: Gallagher still backing Trump
· One Wisconsin Now: State Senate candidate Dan Feyen refuses to condemn Donald Trump's sexual assault of women brag, hopes to raise campaign cash at even featuring GOP women leaders
· Redmond campaign: Why is Rep. Rodriguez silent about her support for Donald Trump?
· Rep. Duffy: Statement on appeals court ruling that CFPB is unconstitutional
· Rep. Kind: Applauds USDA decision to purchase an additional $20 million in cheese for Federal Nutrition Programs
· Rep. Krug: Proposes rural health care access solutions
· Rep. Quinn: Rural legislators join to propose solutions for rural health care access
· Rep. Steffen: Blue Lives Matter proposal continues to earn support
· Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative: Welcomes second phase of Rural Wisconsin Initiative
· Sen. Stroebel: Salmon fishing remains a priority in Wisconsin
· Solen campaign: Paul Ryan to lose house election
· U.S. Rep. Sensenbrenner: Wisconsinites continue paying the price for Obamacare
· U.S. Sen. Baldwin, Dane Co. Exec. Parisi and Wisconsin Bike Federation: Announce final stretch of popular Glacial Drumlin Trail to be completed
· U.S. Sen. Baldwin: Applauds additional cheese surplus purchase
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Urges Obama administration to finalize rule combating opioid epidemic, Implement PROP Act
· Wisconsin Alliance for Reform: Art Shrader panics over supporting gas tax hike

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