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March 5
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Holds European subcommittee hearing
· UW Health: Howard Bailey named director of UW Carbone Cancer Center
· Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce: Signs on to same-sex marriage amicus brief in Supreme Court case
· Wisconsin Supreme Court: Mandate in the matter of Wisconsin v. Gary Monroe Scull
· Wisconsin Supreme Court: March 4th order
March 6
· Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin: Congratulates State Assembly on passage of Right-To-Work
· Citizen Action of Wisconsin: The path forward after passage of so-called Right to Work
· City of Milwaukee Youth Council: Delegation to attend 2015 Congressional City Conference
· Daley Campaign: ICYMI: Daley launches first ad in State Supreme Court race
· Daley campaign: Judge Daley sets forum schedule
· Fire Fighters Local 311: To honor deceased Madison Fire Department Retiree Richard "Lindy" Lindauer
· Gov. Walker: Property tax relief under Governor Scott Walker contributes to record escrow refunds for WHEDA borrowers
· Mayor Dickert: secures $170,000 in grant money
· One Wisconsin Now: Assembly GOP passes right to work despite not campaigning on lower wages, fewer resources for schools, less health care or more dangerous workplaces
· One Wisconsin Now: Will Walker's view on ethanol 'evolve' for trip to Iowa Ag summit?
· Rep. Allen: Votes for worker freedom
· Rep. Barca: Republicans take Wisconsin giant leap backwards
· Rep. Barnes: Public enemy number one - Wisconsin small businesses and working families
· Rep. Bernier: Right-to-work clears assembly hurdle
· Rep. Bowen: Statement on passage of Senate Bill 44
· Rep. Brooks: Hails passage of right-to-work
· Rep. Considine: Delivers first speech to state assembly
· Rep. Craig: Statement on Right to Work vote
· Rep. Czaja: On vote for worker freedom
· Rep. Edming: Supports right-to-work
· Rep. Goyke: Opposes Right to Work
· Rep. Hebl: Assembly democrats stand up for workers
· Rep. Hesselbein: Sorry day for Wisconsin: Right-to-work is the bloody shirt
· Rep. Hintz: Backwards process, backwards policiy
· Rep. Horlacher: Wisconsin to become 25th state to support worker freedom
· Rep. Hutton: Right-to-work passes state assembly
· Rep. Jagler: Votes for worker rights
· Rep. Johnson: Republican “right-to-work” law another nail in the coffin for Wisconsin’s middle class
· Rep. Jorgensen: Proud to speak for the silenced, votes in opposition to "right to work" bill
· Rep. Kapenga: Right-to-work is right for Wisconsin
· Rep. Katsma: Votes for worker freedom
· Rep. Kleefisch: Assembly sends right to work to Governor's desk
· Rep. Knodl: Votes for increased worker freedom
· Rep. Knudson: Worker freedom comes to Wisconsin
· Rep. Kremer: Statement on passage of Right to Work
· Rep. Krug: My view on right-to-work
· Rep. Kulp: On right-to-work passage
· Rep. Macco: Votes for worker freedom
· Rep. Mason: Gov. Scott Walker, Republican leadership side with out-of-state billionaires over Wisconsin businesses and Wisconsin’s working class families
· Rep. Murphy: Statement on passing "right-to-work"
· Rep. Neylon: Supports right-to-work to protect workers' freedom
· Rep. Novak: Votes for worker freedom
· Rep. Quinn: Moving Wisconsin's economy forward
· Rep. Sanfelippo: Issues statement on the passage of right-to-work
· Rep. Shankland: Statement on Assembly passage of "Right to Work"
· Rep. Spreitzer: Gives maiden speech on so-called "right-to-work"
· Rep. Sprios: Votes for right-to-work legislation
· Rep. Steineke: Statement on Assembly passage of right-to-work bill
· Rep. Subeck: Statement on passage of "Right to Work" legislation
· Rep. Taylor: Republicans pass harmful Union busting, low-wage bill
· Rep. Tittl: Comments on right-to-work vote
· Rep. Vos: Statement on final passage of right-to-work
· Rep. Wachs: Statement on passage of "Right to Work"
· Rep. Zamarripa: Stands for workers, votes against wage theft bill
· Sen. Darling, Rep. Nygren: State budget public hearings announced

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