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  • WisPolitics: Tribal Leaders Address Legislature
    On March 7, two tribal leaders appeared before the Senate and Assembly, carrying messages of good faith negotiations in the dispute regarding gaming compact payments and increased cooperation between the tribes and state. Gerald Danforth, chairman of the Oneida Nation and leader of the Great ... <more>

  • Ward: Health-care economy robust but ripe for change
    David Ward, president of Northstar Economics calls the state's health -care economy robust but not sustainable. ... <more>

  • Sen. Jauch, Rep. Wood Debate TABOR, 'Taxpayer Protection Amendment'
    In a new TalkAboutLive@WisPolitics.com Web cast from the Madison offices of WHD Government Affairs, GOP Rep. Jeff Wood and Dem Sen. Bob Jauch debate TABOR and the new “Wisconsin Taxpayer Protection Amendment.” ... <more>

  • Webcast: Dem AG Candidates Clash

  • WisPolitics/WisBusiness Energy Forum
    President Bush, who visited Johnson Controls in Milwaukee, is talking energy alternatives. See the webcast of Bush's talk. Gov. Jim Doyle is talking ethanol, bio-fuels and extra heating assistance to those hit by rising natural gas prices. ... <more>

  • Kreibich: Higher Ed Committee Chair Pushes For UW Reform
    Assembly Colleges and Universities Committee Chair Rob Kreibich says the UW System's tarnished image last year came not from its dealings with the Legislature, but from "self-inflicted" wounds that damaged its reputation with the public."I'm willing to go to bat for bigger budgets, but I think the p... <more>

  • WisPolitics Webcast: Walker, Green Forum

  • Cieslewicz: Madison is Pro-Business
    While his political opponents have blasted Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz as anti-business, the mayor declares that ``we're getting over this perception where Madison is a place where you can't put two bricks together.''"If we've got so many bad ideas, why does Forbes Magazine name u... <more>

  • Ellis: What Surplus?
    -- While colleagues and Dem Gov. Jim Doyle are talking about how to use a projected state surplus for energy assistance, Medicaid or other needs, GOP Sen. Mike Ellis is warning that the state is actually engaged in deficit spending and that the next governor -- be it Doyle or his challengers -- will... <more>

  • Basting: Coming Ethics Rules Will Redefine Lawyer Business
    Thomas J. Basting Sr. knows his way around the ethics game.Basting was a special prosecutor in the Wisconsin ``lobby scandal’’ of the late 1980s and early 1990s that nicked lawmakers and lobbyists. He comments on that, the current scandal known as the ``caucus scandal,’’ new lawyer ethics rules now ... <more>

  • WisPolitics: 2005 Fundraising Roundup
    Fundraising reports for 2005 were due for state and federal candidates on Jan. 31. WisPolitics has compiled a list of fundraising results for top statewide and congressional races. See the fundraising chart ... <more>

  • Whistleblower Woodliff: Working for Change Not Futile
    At the ``People's Legislature'' public hearing on Jan. 23 at the Capitol, former GOP Assembly aide Lyndee (Wall) Woodliff, credited as the whistleblower in the so-called ``caucus scandal,'' gave an impassioned account of her fear in releasing the documents that started the biggest legislati... <more>

  • McCann: Stop the Washing Machines
    Retiring Milwaukee Co. District Attorney E. Michael McCann is on the campaign finance reform bandwagon.McCann, who recently criticized Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle for his ties to tribal donations, declares it's time to clean up Wisconsin government. McCann said sophisticated and subtle donation patter... <more>

  • Ellis: Will Keep "Hammering Away'' at CFR
    Mike Ellis isn't running for governor, but he isn't giving up on major campaign finance reform.Ellis, the veteran Neenah Republican who flirted with a governor's race this year in part to make real change in how politicians fund their campaigns, now is focusing on passing his Senate B... <more>

  • State of the State Coverage 2006

  • Bugher: Time to Appreciate UW as Economic Engine
    By Brian E. ClarkWisBusiness.com MADISON - University Research Park head Mark Bugher, a former Republican cabinet officer, is spreading the message that UW and its research assets are a treasure often unappreciated close to home. After r... <more>

  • Appling: Can't Take DOMA Approval for Granted
    Julaine Appling, executive director of the Family Research Institute of Wisconsin and a leading advocate for the passage of the "Defense of Marriage" amendment, knows that polling taken on the issue is on her side. ... <more>

  • WisPolitics Web Cast: Doyle Defends Integrity, Touts Economic Development
    In a year-end interview with WisPolitics, Gov. Jim Doyle said he welcomed scrutiny of his campaign finances, and bristled at what he called attacks on the integrity of the Public Service Commission. "Obviously, what's driving it ... these (press) releases come out daily by the Republican Part... <more>

  • Tate: Voters' Sense of Fairness will Help Defeat "Defense of Marriage" Amendment
    The early polling, and 2004 results in other states, says the ``Defense of Marriage’’ amendment making its way through the state Legislature and on its way to the November 2006 ballot is a political winner. But if amendment opponents are underdogs, they figure to be organized and well-funded underdo... <more>

  • Courtwatch Blog: Webcast of Chvala Sentencing Hearing
    In a courtroom packed with media, family and curious citizens, Former Senate Majority Leader Chuck Chvala was handed a 9-month jail sentence Thursday on two felony counts. The Madison Democrat was facing 19 felony counts but entered an agreement in October to plead to one of misconduct in office a... <more>


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