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  • Neylon sees need for business tax relief
    Adam Neylon, a veteran of both Waukesha County and Capitol politics, says lawmakers should be discussing tax reform for businesses in addition to an imminent plan to cut income taxes. "It's nice that we're talking about (the) income tax ... but I'd also like to see us start talking about offering t... <more>

  • WEDC’S Hall has 'eyes wide open' in mission to restore credibility, create jobs
    Reed Hall only planned on the “interim title” during his time as Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. CEO. He had just retired to Madison and thought that taking the helm at WEDC would be an opportunity to give back to the community after spending years in the private sector. “I really hadn’t given... <more>

  • Mining discussion reveals divides, from jobs to environment
    Sen. Tom Tiffany made clear during a WisPolitics.com luncheon on Thursday with Dem Sen. Tim Cullen of Janesville that he was still looking at ideas from Cullen’s mining panel for possible inclusion in the final bill. “I really say this in all sincerity: We’re really looking closely at some of the s... <more>

  • Cullen lays out parameters of his mining bill ahead of today's unveiling
    Dem state Sen. Tim Cullen says it will be difficult for anyone to win approval to mine for iron ore in northern Wisconsin’s Penokee Hills because the area is too environmentally sensitive. But he’s convinced a GOP mining bill unveiled this week all but guarantees such a mine would be tied up in t... <more>

  • Tech college system ready for performance-based approach
    Wisconsin Tech College System President Morna Foy says that performance-based funding is certainly the right direction to go in paying for the state’s higher education efforts. She just wants to see it done in steps, not all at once. “Our budget request actually requests a performance funding compo... <more>

  • No complaints from Baldwin as she transitions from House to Senate
    Look at any list of the most high-profile incoming freshmen to the U.S. Senate, and you’ll find Tammy Baldwin’s name on the list. Just don’t go looking for her permanent Senate office anytime soon. Not that she minds. “Please don’t think I’m complaining. I’m so excited about what’s happening,” Bal... <more>

  • Pocan settling in but searching for across-the-aisle cooperation
    Dem Mark Pocan’s friendship with Republican Robin Vos in the Assembly made them a political odd couple – a liberal from Dane County and a conservative from Racine County who disagreed on almost everything, but touted their ability to get along on a personal level. Finding the same kind of across-th... <more>

  • Abele prefers to avoid political labels
    Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele knows he’s not easy to pin down politically. While the first-term county exec has advocated for liberal causes -- the philanthropist has donated largely to Democratic campaigns and pushed for marriage equality -- his budgeting philosophy has been more fiscally... <more>

  • WisPolitics.com interview: New Assembly JFC Co-chair John Nygren
    For most budget watchers, staring at a $3.6 billion deficit at the start of budget season seems tougher than looking at a small surplus. But new Joint Finance Co-chair John Nygren says that's not necessarily the case. "A tough budget for Republicans is when you have some money," Nygren said in a n... <more>

  • WisPolitics.com interview: Returning JFC Co-chair Alberta Darling
    Joint Finance Co-chair Alberta Darling says there are still some in the state who may not agree with what Republicans did the past two years. But in looking at the plight of other states compared to the surplus Wisconsin carries into the upcoming budget, she says it's clear those reforms are worki... <more>

  • As Franklin returns to teaching, Marquette Law School mulls poll's future
    The future of the Marquette University Law School Poll is still to be hashed out. But poll director Charles Franklin believes the poll's results over the past year bear out the methodology and says there's plenty of opportunity for future polling. Franklin said in a WisPolitics.com interview that ... <more>

  • Vos hints at GOP education agenda
    Incoming Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is hinting at a broad GOP education agenda that will build off the Act 10 reforms Republicans pushed through last session. Despite his projection that more than $1 billion in new revenue will be available over the next two years to formulate the 2013-2015 budget,... <more>

  • Kooyenga, Pasch debate MPS and alternative schools
    State Reps. Sandy Pasch and Dale Kooyenga agreed last week that the state's school funding formula needs to change. But the lawmakers -- speaking during a WisPolitics.com luncheon in Milwaukee -- had vastly different positions on how the state's K-12 system should be better funded. Pasch, D-Shorew... <more>

  • Fitzgerald predicts big boost in state revenue
    Senate Majority Leader-elect Scott Fitzgerald has a gut feeling that the Legislature could have as much as $1 billion in flexibility as it constructs the upcoming state budget. Fitzgerald, re-elected to his old post last week after Republicans re-took control of the Senate, says he’s not basing i... <more>

  • Vos hopes budget can bolster those who sacrificed to balance the books
    After a contentious session and budget that saw a number of groups make sacrifices to help balance the state’s books, Robin Vos hopes to reward some of those same people. That goes for state employees, too. "If our revenues come back at the level where I hope they'll be, I want to make sure we pu... <more>

  • School board member Maureen May-Grimm focuses on education
    Maureen May-Grimm was filling up her car with gas her first day on the Mineral Point School Board when a citizen approached her and said his wife had been overlooked for a district job promotion. It drove home to her the impact of board decisions on those “I have to look in the eye every day.” And ... <more>

  • Feingold still on the campaign trail
    When pundits look at Wisconsin and wonder how a state that voted in June to keep Scott Walker could back Barack Obama five months later, some see a schizophrenic electorate. Russ Feingold doesn’t buy it. “I don’t see it as people lurching around in all kinds of different directions,” Feingold said... <more>

  • WisPolitics.com e-profiles: State party finance directors
    **Colleen Coyle** Colleen Coyle was born in Wisconsin's staunchly liberal capital city and returned to start her career in politics. But in the interim, the finance director for the state Republican Party made her home in more conservative-friendly Texas, graduating from Southern Methodi... <more>

  • Libertarian Party chair not concerned about possible spoiler role
    The chairman of the state Libertarian Party says he's not concerned that some of the 12 candidates his party has on the ballot around the state could be viewed as spoilers by supporters of the two major parties. “We like to make sure that people know that the more choices somebody has the more the ... <more>

  • Green Party chair: Major parties' cash advantage hard to overcome
    The Green Party of Wisconsin has just two candidates running for state or national office in Wisconsin on Tuesday Claude VanderVeen, the party’s state chairman, said there is a level of disgust with politics from many voters that could favor third-parties, but that the amount of money pouring int... <more>


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