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  • Libertarian Party chair not concerned about possible spoiler role
    The chairman of the state Libertarian Party says he's not concerned that some of the 12 candidates his party has on the ballot around the state could be viewed as spoilers by supporters of the two major parties. “We like to make sure that people know that the more choices somebody has the more the ... <more>

  • Green Party chair: Major parties' cash advantage hard to overcome
    The Green Party of Wisconsin has just two candidates running for state or national office in Wisconsin on Tuesday Claude VanderVeen, the party’s state chairman, said there is a level of disgust with politics from many voters that could favor third-parties, but that the amount of money pouring int... <more>

  • Freshman Rep. Krug sees jobs, economy as top issues
    State Rep. Scott Krug says the issues in his current campaign for the 72nd Assembly District are largely the same as in his upset win over longtime Dem Rep. Marlin Schneider in 2010. Those include jobs and the economy, but also previous increases in taxes, regulations and spending. Krug says in a ... <more>

  • Pluess looks to tone down political divisiveness
    Justin Pluess says the top issue among both Democrats and Republicans on the campaign trail in the 72nd AD is the divisive nature of state politics. And the first-time Assembly candidate -- a Wisconsin Rapids firefighter, paramedic, and an instructor at Mid-State Technical College -- says he's in a... <more>

  • WisPolitics.com e-profiles: Wisconsin Obama campaign officials
    **Tripp Wellde** Tripp Wellde owes his career to President Barack Obama. Not only has he worked for the president's campaign since the early stages of his 2008 run -- serving as Iowa field director, Midwest regional director, Wisconsin coordinated campaign advisor and, currently, as Wisconsin s... <more>

  • WisPolitics.com e-profiles: State GOP communications staff
    **Nathan Conrad** Nathan Conrad is a recent arrival to Wisconsin politics after nearly a decade of political work he says was inspired by the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. "I grew up in a Republican household, but was never fully engaged until 9/11," the Oregon native and state GOP communications di... <more>

  • Bernier sees possible tweaks to voter ID, collective bargaining rules
    GOP freshman state Rep. Kathy Bernier says she'd make a few changes to voter ID if she had to do it over again and wouldn't mind expanding the collective bargaining changes, but says the state has been through enough upheaval for a while. Bernier, R-Chippewa Falls, says the voter ID law -- now on h... <more>

  • Teacher Smriga says surplus should go to education
    After spending 43 years as a teacher, it should probably be no surprise that Dem Assembly candidate Judy Smriga opposes the collective bargaining changes Republicans pushed through this session and believes education is a good place to park money from a budget surplus -- should it materialize. She ... <more>

  • On the road to the Senate: Tammy Baldwin
    JANESVILLE -- At this point in the campaign, Tammy Baldwin is rallying the base in her quest to be Wisconsin's first female U.S. senator. Saturday, Oct. 20, was a good example. Baldwin, 50, a former Madison Assemblywoman and member of Congress since 1999, was focused on turning out the early vote, r... <more>

  • On the road to the Senate: Tommy Thompson
    GREEN BAY -- The scene is one that has played out hundreds of times over Tommy Thompson's decades-long political career. In a room of more than 100 conservative-leaning women at the Green Bay Women in Politics luncheon, the 70-year-old Thompson circled every table, shaking hands, occasionally squee... <more>

  • Ron Johnson back on campaign trail -- for Romney and Thompson
    Two years ago, Ron Johnson hit the campaign trail promising to kill Obamacare. Now he's back on the road hoping to get a junior U.S. senator and a president to help. Johnson, R-Oshkosh, has been active on the campaign trail with a series of appearances for Mitt Romney and Tommy Thompson, including ... <more>

  • Brey says voters want end to gridlock
    Jim Brey says voters in the Manitowoc-area 25th Assembly District, more than any other issue, want to see "an end to the gridlock" in the state Capitol. "They want to see people that are willing to compromise and be independent of the party structure, and willing to go out on a limb for the people ... <more>

  • Tittl praises Act 10 changes
    Paul Tittl believes the changes made to public employee collective bargaining last year provided "a great service to Manitowoc County." Tittl, a business owner and -- like his opponent -- a veteran of local government in Manitowoc, says he worked with the Manitowoc County Board to change the way co... <more>

  • WisPolitics.com e-profiles: GOP's Dietsch and Sesek
    -- Elise Dietsch got her start in politics as an intern in the GOP office in Portage County, where she says she "had the pleasure of working with some of Wisconsin's best grassroots activists." Now the comptroller of the state Republican Party, the UW-Stevens Point alum writes in a new WisPolitics.... <more>

  • Snyder admires GOP's work toward balanced budget
    Wausau radio talk show host Pat Snyder says he supported the changes made to public employee collective bargaining in this session. But it was the way the bill was passed by Republicans that, in part, inspired him to run in the open 85th Assembly District. "Some are probably going to lose their se... <more>

  • Wright pushes for more education support
    Wausau teacher Mandy Wright says her community's greatest needs include both putting people back to work and supporting the local education system. "We should be investing in things that will benefit our community long term," Wright said in a WisPolitics interview. "And that would be creating jobs ... <more>

  • WisPolitics.com e-profiles: State party execs
    **WisDems' Maggie Brickerman** Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Maggie Brickerman got into politics "because I believe everyone should have a level playing field, and I want to fight for that." And she writes in a new WisPolitics.com e-profile that, if made queen of Wisco... <more>

  • Vruwink sees agriculture, jobs as top issues
    State Rep. Amy Sue Vruwink says jobs are the No. 1 issue when she’s doing doors. But agriculture is the one nobody is talking about even though they should be. The Milladore Dem points to her past chairmanship of the Assembly’s Ag Committee as one example of how she’s worked across the aisle during... <more>

  • Vandermeer says Legislature needs more business experience
    Nancy Vandermeer says she is “all about small business.” And she thinks the Assembly could use a few more people like her. “Many of the legislators in the Assembly right now are career legislators who have not had to balance a budget in their own business, who have not had to meet a payroll or to ... <more>

  • Barca, Vos spar over Assembly majority
    Even with a large Republican majority and new GOP-drawn maps to overcome, Assembly Dem leader Peter Barca is still giving his team an outside chance of forming a majority after the Nov. 6 election. Buoyed by Rep. Roger Rivard's troubles and what he claimed would be help from the top of the ticket, ... <more>


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