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  • La Follette says he offers a 'better way'
    Doug La Follette says the Dem guv primary is shaping up to a choice between a “big-money, super PAC TV candidate” and one from the “good old boy endorsement system.” So as he makes his long-shot pitch for the Dem nomination, he says he’s offering a “better way.”’ “I’m not taking PAC money. I’m not... <more>

  • Mellman calls Ryan plan an albatross for Republicans
    House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan has said his budget proposal passed by the GOP-controlled House last month will bolster the party in November among voters looking for serious leadership. But that's not what Mark Mellman is seeing in the field as his D.C.-based Dem polling firm prepares for the fall... <more>

  • Ryan, a current lightning rod, says Obama and Dems don't want compromise
    Paul Ryan acknowledges he has been a lightning rod for controversy since becoming chair of the House Budget Committee, but he contends that's a good thing. "The easy thing to do in politics is nothing, or just stick with the status quo," Ryan told a WisPolitics.com luncheon in Milwaukee on April 9... <more>

  • Barrett says announcing guv run before Tuesday's mayoral election shows voters his honesty
    Tom Barrett said his decision to announce his bid for guv ahead of his mayoral re-election next week proves he'll be straight with voters and stands in sharp contrast to how Gov. Scott Walker "dropped the bomb" on public employees in stripping away their collective bargaining powers. Barrett, who ... <more>

  • Hovde campaign manager brings experience from Bush, Walker races
    Joe Fadness didn’t escape President Bush’s propensity for giving aides nicknames. He earned the moniker “Mr. Mapquest.” Fadness, now the campaign manager for GOP U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde, was working on the advance team for the Bush White House in 2006 when the president planned an overni... <more>

  • Barrett shrugs off early union endorsements in potential guv primary
    If Tom Barrett runs for guv, he'll be running in a primary against Kathleen Falk and a phalanx of unions backing her. Barrett, who says he continues to focus on getting re-elected on April 3 to be Milwaukee mayor, shrugs off the potential problem of winning a Dem primary against Falk and unions lik... <more>

  • Neumann declares he's the top conservative in the GOP Senate primary
    Mark Neumann is going to great lengths to avoid criticizing his GOP rivals in a crowded field for the state's open U.S. Senate seat this fall. But at a WisPolitics luncheon last week, he left no doubt where he thinks he stands against the rest of the current field -- former Gov. Tommy Thompson. As... <more>

  • Falk promising K-12 funding reform but no details yet
    Dem guv candidate Kathleen Falk last week blasted Gov. Scott Walker for not maintaining the state's long-established two-thirds school aid formula, but declined to say she'd meet that level of commitment if elected guv. Falk, a former environmental attorney and Dane County exec, appeared at a WisPo... <more>

  • Duffy: Medicare fix needed for `future generations'
    Freshman Congressman Sean Duffy says it's possible to save Social Security in the current environment but much harder to preserve traditional Medicare. The Wausau-area rep, who represents the sprawling 7th District, told a WisPolitics.com luncheon at the Madison Club Tuesday that the Obama administ... <more>

  • Barrett: Incumbent focused on mayoral bid, defends budget tactics
    By Arthur Thomas For WisPolitics.com Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is focusing his re-election campaign this year on jobs and public safety even as pundits and political observers wonder about his chances of taking on Gov. Scott Walker in a potential statewide recall election. “Clearly we are goin... <more>

  • Running Falk campaign a natural transition for former top hand at United Wisconsin
    For Meagan Mahaffey, working for United Wisconsin was inspirational. And in some ways going to work as Dem Kathleen Falk’s campaign manager is a natural extension of her previous post considering she believes the former Dane County exec understands what the movement was all about. “We’ve never ... <more>

  • Order your WisPolitics.com Almanac & Directory today
    Get to know Wisconsin's members of Congress, Legislature and executive branch. Buy the 2012 WisPolitics.com Almanac & Directory -- a glossy, 20-page booklet that will be an essential item throughout the year. Available now, it includes photos and contact information for key political figures -- in... <more>

  • Top analysts see recall result hinging on small portion of electorate
    Two longtime campaign strategists, representing opposite parties, predict Wisconsin's gubernatorial recall election will be very close -- possibly decided by as little as 5 percent of the state's voters. And Dem pollster Paul Maslin and Republican survey expert Gene Ulm say that 2012 presidential ... <more>

  • Fitzgerald embracing controversial measures in Senate bid
    Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald says he has no plans to shy away from the past year’s controversy as he campaigns for the state’s open U.S. Senate seat. "I will run my entire campaign on, guess what, what we did in Wisconsin is what we need to do in Washington, D.C.," Fitzgerald said at a WisPoli... <more>

  • WisPolitics: Act 10 and aftermath dominate 2011 Rising Stock Awards
    Just as fallout from collective bargaining changes dominated the year in Wisconsin politics, it also dominated the 2nd annual edition of the WisPolitics Rising Stock Awards. After submissions from WisPolitics subscribers were used to develop a ballot, hundreds of subscribers and site visitors weigh... <more>

  • Barca pessimistic about GOP's attitude on cooperation
    Minority Leader Peter Barca says Gov. Scott Walker does not seem to have “any legitimate desire” to work with Dems, and that his GOP colleagues in the Assembly have not learned any lessons from the recall elections that knocked off two Senate Republicans last year. Heading into the spring floor pe... <more>

  • Walker: Budget in 'relatively good shape' despite sagging economy
    Gov. Scott Walker says he doesn't dispute federal stats that show Wisconsin has lost jobs the past five months. But he said the disparity between the initial estimates and final numbers raises questions about how the federal Labor Bureau calculates job numbers. “We acknowledge the job losses the la... <more>

  • Miller: Has hopes for 'professional way' of coping with 'extreme politics'
    Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans have complained the recalls are a waste of taxpayer money and a naked power grab. Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller, D-Monona, says they have no one to blame but themselves. “Massive recalls like this, I think, are a reflection of poor leadership on the part of R... <more>

  • Scott Fitzgerald: Recalls getting in the way of legislative action
    Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said the blow up over the guv’s collective bargaining changes has obscured a very important development in the first year of the legislative session: Republicans got a whole lot done. “I’m still amazed at how much we were able to accomplish this year,” Fitzge... <more>

  • CERS' Romportl driving GOP Senate hopes
    While working for Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign in 2008, Dan Romportl was racing across South Carolina when he looked in the rear view mirror at the two people he was driving to their next speaking engagement: Chuck Norris and former professional wrestler Ric Flair. “I remember looking in t... <more>


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