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Walker asks House GOP to repeal, replace ACA 'immediately'

Walker is asking House Republicans to "repeal and replace Obamacare immediately."

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other key Republicans last month had asked governors and insurance commissioners for their input on health care reform. Walker, chair of the RGA, suggested in his letter in response yesterday that Congress "take votes as quickly as possible to repeal and replace" the law, possibly within the month.

"You and your colleagues have a unique opportunity to achieve great things for the country," he wrote. "Health care, in particular, is an area ripe for real reform and I appreciate your request to hear from the Governors."

Walker also asked for a "proper amount of time to transition people from the current program to a market-driven system." Roughly 224,000 Wisconsinites last year enrolled in Healthcare.gov plans, and enrollment for 2017 plans continues until the end of the month.

"Time is needed to ensure the credits are in place and ready to work so no one falls through the cracks as we move from a government-driven system to a patient-centered system," he wrote.

Walker also said he'd like "maximum flexibility" in managing the state's Medicaid program, asking for Congress to turn funding for the program into a block grant.

That structure, Walker wrote, will "ensure that the program is more effective, more efficient, and more accountable to the people."

"A Medicaid block grant will allow us to cover those who are truly in need while helping those who are able to transition from government dependence to true independence through hard work," he wrote. "Help us move from a one-size-fits-all approach in Washington to reforms that allow the states to design innovations that work best for our citizens."

See the letter: http://walker.wi.gov/sites/default/files/Letter.pdf

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