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E-profile: Joe Fadness, political director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin

Joe Fadness

Birthplace and date:
Milwaukee - March 7, 1985

Political Director, Republican Party of Wisconsin

Other jobs/job history:
Advance Representative, The White House
Field Director, Republican Party of Wisconsin Operations
Field Director, Scott Walker for Governor
Director of External Relations, Office of the Governor
Campaign Manager, Eric Hovde for US Senate

Graduate of Marquette University - studying business administration and political science

Mother, father, and two younger sisters all living in Oak Creek

I was inspired to enter this line of work ...
During the 2000 Presidential election, which highlighted that one person - one staffer, one volunteer, one voter - can have an important and deciding impact.

My most memorable moment in politics was ...
Taking back the Governor's Office in 2010. It was a long battle that culminated in a great victory for Governor Walker and Republicans across the board. Voters spoke clearly, and this is the night Republicans began their work to return fiscal sanity to our state.

The moment in politics I'd rather forget was ...
Collecting nomination signatures for Scott Walker in December 2007 - outdoors, in the middle of a blizzard.

My side wins when we ...
Talk directly to voters, outlining big ideas and bold solutions for the problems we face - and then reflect these promises in how we govern. Good policy leads to good politics.

My side loses when we ...
Allow ourselves to be taken off message, becoming reactive rather than presenting voters with our plans for moving forward.

If I weren't working in politics, I'd be ...
Enjoying the private sector, possibly real estate.

When I'm not working, I'd rather be ...
Traveling. 10 countries on 6 continents down, with much more to explore.

My favorite place in Wisconsin is ...
The Milwaukee lakefront. Great in all seasons, especially summer.

My favorite place outside Wisconsin is ...
Paris, France - historic city with friendly people, great food (crepes anyone?), and incredible sites.

Most people don't know I'm good at ...
Playing piano. Started taking lessons at a young age.

If I was king or queen of Wisconsin for a day, I'd declare that ...
Subway is the official restaurant of Wisconsin.

The question I really wanted to answer was ...
Have you ever experienced a volcano eruption?

And the answer is ...
Why, yes. I was in Guatemala recently when Fuego Volcano erupted just a short distance from my hotel, its most powerful eruption since 1999. Some people panicked. I went to the hotel roof to take pictures.

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