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January 14
· Congress completes first step toward Obamacare repeal
· Scott Walker pays off $1.2 million presidential campaign debt

January 13
· FRI REPORT: Walker pays off presidential campaign debt, has just $59,000 in state account
· State superintendent candidate proposes education board to oversee DPI
State superintendent candidate John Humphries is calling for a state education board that would boos... <more>
· 'Rewind' analyzes Walker’s State of the State address
· Divided Wisconsin Supreme Court says blood draw legal
· Johnson: Republicans 'don't have total agreement' on Obamacare
· Mark Pocan, LGBT congressmen send letter opposing Betsy DeVos as education secretary
· Ryan presses forward on Obamacare repeal as House conservatives waver
· Ryan: Russia a ‘menace,’ Putin ‘menacing’
· Walker's Wisconsin tuition idea shuffles political alliances
· Walker, health execs: State shouldn't lose from Obamacare repeal
· FRI AM Update: Johnson, Baldwin split on bill to allow Mattis to serve as Defense secretary; weekly radio addresses

January 12
· THU PM Update: Humphries calls for DPI oversight board; Baldwin takes aim at non-dairy products labeled ‘milk’
· Walker says state would fund UW tuition cuts
Gov. Scott Walker said he would provide the UW System additional state aid to cover his proposed tui... <more>
· Democrat urges Paul Ryan not to censor painting
· Official: Food stamp drug tests would violate federal law
· Priebus: BuzzFeed report on Trump 'phony baloney garbage'
· Report: Presidential candidates owe Wis. cities tens of thousands of dollars for campaign events
· THU AM Update: Walker launches ad, petition on transpo funding; congressional committee assignments

January 11
· Walker pledges to cut UW tuition
Gov. Scott Walker, without offering details, Tuesday pledged his budget will cut tuition for all Wis... <more>
· Legislative leaders react to Walker's State of the State
· 'We are working and winning': Walker touts optimism for Trump administration
· Johnson says he takes Russian hacking threat 'very seriously'
· Pocan launches House Public Education Caucus in opposition to Ed nominee DeVos
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