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October 18
· Trailing in the polls, Trump proclaims he will win Wisconsin during Green Bay rally
GREEN BAY -- Though trailing in the latest polls, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump expressed co... <more>
· Ryan's Trump strategy: Say little
· State ended fiscal year $313 million in the black
· Supporters dismiss critics, stay true to Trump
· Wisconsin has largest white-black graduation gap in nation
· WISN 12 to host live televised debate between Johnson, Feingold
 – Watch the livestream at 8:30 p.m.
· TUE AM Update: New Ryan, Feingold ads; Trump rallies supporters in Green Bay

October 17
· 'UpFront': Clarke defends Trump, says groping allegations rallied GOP nominee's base
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a prominent supporter of Donald Trump, said he thinks the bus... <more>
· MON PM Update: State finishes fiscal year with $318.8 million balance; House fundraising roundup
· 'Rewind': Trump, Ryan fight to lead GOP; MU Law poll; voter ID
· Cut ties to Donald Trump, big donors urge R.N.C.
· Democrats eye their own Koch brothers-style machine
· For Ryan, a long, labored path leading away from Trump
· Johnson's six-year journey
· Republicans in swing districts distance themselves from Walker
· Ryan rejects Donald Trump’s claims of ‘rigged’ election system
· MON AM Update: New ads in U.S. Senate race, ‘UpFront’ recap

October 16
· Linked by signature law, McCain and Feingold fight big-money fire with ... big-money fire
· ‘Strict’ pesticide rules fail to erase threat to Wisconsin’s drinking water
· Sheriff Clarke: 'Pitchforks and torches time'

October 15
· UW-Madison spends $24M to keep 200 professors from leaving
· Donald Trump Cancels Wisconsin Campaign Stop
· Rebecca Kemble delivers Madison resolution supporting pipeline protesters following arrest
· Johnson, Feingold spar on Tomah VA, presidential nominees in first debate
GREEN BAY -- U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson charged Friday Dem rival Russ Feingold or his then-Senate office ... <more>
· Senate GOP faces late cash crunch
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